Over the years many of our delightful Drahthaar customers have shared their experiences with potential buyers, seeking a new dog. I would not dare impose upon them to answer all the potential wirehair inquiries that may be generated via this homepage. But, I will share their experiences and comments, so that you can get a feeling for the quality of our fine line of Wirehairs.


QUEST VOM TREBORWOLF "Most intelligent dog that I have ever owned. Hunts pheasants and responds well to voice and hand signals. Retrieves from both land and water." J.B., Little Rock, AR.

SHASTA VOM TREBORWOLF "At 5 months she barked tree on squirrels. At 8 months she was fantastic at pointing and retrieving." R.B., Bald Rock, AR.


EVA VOM TREBORWOLF " She hunts quail 3 to 4 times a week. She has had over 800 quail shot over her. It takes a good dog to handle these Mearns and Gambel quail. She is a good pointer, retriever, and tracker. She also is a good family dog." J.S., Willcox, AZ.

RAGAR VOM TREBORWOLF "He started pointing grouse at 3 months of age. He pointed a dozen birds the first day. One was perched about 20 feet above his head in a tree". R.B., Tuscon, AZ.

SAGE VOM TREBORWOLF "Nothing is shakier than buying via mail order, let alone a dog. The only mail order insurance on buying a dog is buying from Bob West. I have bought pups from Bob, that put year old dogs to shame. I highly recommend this kennel for a serious gun dog that is bred to hunt!"  D.L., Prescott Valley, AZ.

QUANTO VOM TREBORWOLF "Dozier shows the potential to be my very best dog so far. He is very good with my small children. S.L., Tuscon, AZ.

WAIJA VOM TREBORWOLF "Jackie is a highly adaptable dog, and she is the easiest dog to live with, that I have ever owned. S.L., Phoenix, AZ.

ANTRON VOM TREBORWOLF "Yager is highly intelligent; fast learner; eager to please; calm personality. I was very doubtful that a Drahthaar could match the personality and intelligence of my previous breed of dog, the German Shepherd. Boy, was I wrong!. Yager is far superior. C.H., Flagstaff, AZ.

ORCO VOM TREBORWOLF "I was very leery about buying a dog, sight unseen. Not anymore, he is the finest dog that I have ever owned. He is brainy and has more personality than most humans. He has very strong natural instincts. B.R., Holbrook, AZ.

SUSHA VOM TREBORWOLF "She has lived up to her original rating. She is a great pointer, has unbelievable stamina, finds all the downed birds, is aggressive, fearless, loving and playful." D.L., Flagstaff, AZ.


HEBRA VOM TREBORWOLF "She's perfect! She can out hunt & find more birds than most 4 yr.old dogs. Thank you for raising such personable &non-fighting dogs. She adores children!" K.S., FALL RIVER, CA.

ROD VOM TREBORWOLF "Rod is very loving and eager to please"  S.R., PASADENA, CA.

KATJO VOM TREBORWOLF "At 7 months of age Rogue has had 39 pheasants and at least 60 quail killed over his points. Has retrieved all the birds. He is very calm & a joy around people. Thank you so very much for Rogue"  A.P., TULARE, CA.

PICADOR VOM TREBORWOLF "Roger is the greatest dog we've seen in a long time. He is good natured with our granddaughter, and even with other animals. He even plays with the pet turkey! He is all business when he goes to the field. We love him and would definitely buy another"   J.H., VISALIA, CA.

FRISE VOM TREBORWOLF "The only dog that could ever replace Sadie would have to be another Treborwolf dog. See you in 8 to 10 years"   R.H., PLEASANTON, CA.

LUTZA VOM TREBORWOLF "Heidi is the best dog I've ever known."  H.F., LINDEM, CA.

KODIAK VOM TREBORWOLF "I took Kody to Iowa last year, and he pointed birds that were completely hidden under the snow. He made several ice-water retrieves; he handles the cold weather real fine". R.G., King City, CA.

TROUBLE VOM TREBORWOLF "Trouble is the best gift that I was ever given. I've always was a light sleeper, ever since the Korean War. Now I sleep like a log, knowing that the house is safe with Trouble on duty." O.R., SanRafel, CA.

LUKE VOM TREBORWOLF "Luke is a good pet; he does not chase nor point rabbits, and never chews a bird." R.H., Norwalk, CA.

SCRUTTY VOM TREBORWOLF "This dog has hunted upland game, waterfowl, and wild hogs. He does an excellent job on all." S.J., Sacramento, CA.

WRETA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is by far the best dog that I have ever owned as far as hunting and personality." J.M., Mt.Shasta, CA.

URSULA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is everything that I wanted in a versatile dog; she handles upland and waterfowl equally." B.N., San Jose, CA.

GRAZI VOM TREBORWOLF "Tutz has a sweet disposition. She trains easily and is a very intelligent dog." M.W., Napa, CA.

MAC VOM TREBORWOLF "Mac retrieved perfectly on 180 ducks shot in Canada this year. He is a solid pointer, steady to flush and shot. Retrieves to hand. I shot over him, 250 pheasants and chukars in one season. W.H., Riverside, CA.

EKO VOM TREBORWOLF "Max has met every expectation that I expect of a hunting dog and excels on upland game and waterfowl. He is a wonderful house dog."  M.S., Yuba City, CA.

BARINKA VOM TREBORWOLF "Greta is an outstanding retriever, and will not give up on cripples. she retrieved many cripples that my friends' Lab gave up on." N.T., Grass Valley, CA.

BLITZ VOM TREBORWOLF "He is a fine dog and a good companion at home and in the field." R.E., Trinity Center, CA.

RAGS VOM TREBORWOLF "I have owned 2 of Bob's dogs and I would put them up against any dog in the country on pure hunting ability. I drove about 700 miles each way to pick up my second pup in person. I was pleased with what I saw. No "puppy mill" nor any vicious dogs! It is a first class operation. Every pup is sold before it is born. This is why there is sometimes a short waiting period. M.R.Cresent City.


EIGER VOM TREBORWOLF "Bullet is the smartest dog that I have ever seen." R.W., Prince George, BC.

GRADA VOM TREBORWOLF "Rosie is an affectionate family dog that is fearless, has a great personality, and possesses great natural hunting instincts." K.M., Edmonton.

KELLY VOM TREBORWOLF "I was hunting ducks with a friend who owned two Canadian field Trial Champion Labradors. Upon the first volley of shots, my 6-month pup had crossed a soft ice shelf and retrieved two ducks from the icy water, before either of the Labs had made their first retrieve. He has hunted rabbits, ducks, pheasants, and the large Canadian geese. He will retrieve ducks all day long out of ice covered sloughs and rivers. He is an eager hunter and great companion." T.M., Brandon, Manitoba.

ASTRID VOM TREBORWOLF "She was very easy to train; has a good memory. Surprised trainer with her ability to retrieve (snow geese)" 


BALTON VOM TREBORWOLF "The pheasant exploded from the willows and came over the top of me. I missed my first shot but tagged him with the second. The shot bird landed in the middle of the rain-swollen river. Cody ran past me at full tilt, leaped off a 7-foot embankment, swam 30 yards to the bird, another 50 returning to the shore, climbed a muddy bank and returned to my side with the pheasant in his mouth. How's that for a dog's first live bird?" 
C.W., Craig.

NAKOV VOM TREBORWOLF "In his second season, Rod has been great at finding quail and retrieving crippled birds." A.C., Col.Springs.

LUDWIG VOM TREBORWOLF "He is an eager hunter, and easy to train. he has above average intelligence. He retrieves from land and water. He has learned to cut off running pheasants and pins them down. In addition, he is a loving house pet." R.K., Boulder.

MAX VOM TREBORWOLF "Max will hunt till he drops" R.R., Evergreen.

INCA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is aggressive, has an excellent nose, obeys well, loves water regardless of temperature, a good pet with kids, and is super on pheasants and quail"  L.F., Ft.Collins.

ZARTA VOM TREBORWOLF "The day after we received her we took her to the backyard, where she went wild on pheasant scent and immediately locked on point" D.H., Montrose.

KAISER VOM TREBORWOLF "I took two friends hunting with me last year. After hunting with "Jake", they both purchased dogs from Treborwolf kennels."  B.P., Westminister.

UTA VOM TREBORWOLF "Jennie is a very good dog, even-tempered, and very trainable" S.R., Pueblo.

LABRINA VOM TREBORWOLF "I hope all your customers are as pleased as my family is. I have not seen a better hunter. Sage's desire is outstanding. She was easy to train and has a family-oriented personality. J.L., Estes Park.

GRETCHEN VOM TREBORWOLF " I have known Mr.West for 23 years and we are on our third dog now. She is now 12 yrs. old and one of the best hunting dogs that I have owned. She is a great pet, very smart, and wonderful around people. I will be ordering another from Mr.West when she passes. D.C. Denver.


ZERKA VOM TREBORWOLF "Mercedes is a great retriever, pet & friend" MR. J.P., ROCKY HILL CT

UHANS VOM TREBORWOLF "Kraut is a natural retriever on ducks and upland. Also tracks and retrieves rabbits." P.W., Seymour.


DRAT VOM TREBORWOLF "As one National Shoot To Retrieve  judge put it, Harley is almost the perfect dog." D.A., Houston.


VIKTOR VOM TREBORWOLF "Viktor loves water, hunting hogs and rabbits. He killed a hog by himself and can catch a rabbit on the run."   K.E., TAMPA,  FL.

GUNTHAR VOM TREBORWOLF "He gets personally molested by my children every day; never a growl. He has been hunted all over the country with strangers and their dogs and never once any problems. I have seen so many other male dogs that a "warring" machines, but mine is not. He has hunted, pointed and retrieved 6 upland species and 11 species of ducks and geese.M.G. Duck Key.


SAVANNAH VOM TREBORWOLF " She has no skin problems, no dog odor, requires very little bathing and seems immune to briars and burrs, except for around her muzzle. She will hunt all day and gladly leaps into 34-degree water for ducks.She has been hunted from Florida to Alaska. She has hunted Bobs, doves, ducks, geese, sagehens, sharptail, roughed grouse, pheasants, chukar, and woodcock. She honors naturally and gets along with other dogs. She is a high spirited dog that possesses style and willing obedience. She is a wonderful housedog and good with the neighbor kids. There is no perfect dog, but Savannah is as close as I am going to get. She is my bud; we also have hunted squirrel and deer. She runs next to me when I ride my horse. D.F. Augusta, GA.


KAIMI VOM TREBORWOLF "Kaimi is willing to please, easy to train, and allows exceptional control."  S.B., HONOLULU, HI.


NIGHTRO VOM TREBORWOLF "I've owned two Treborwolf dogs. The first one, "Whiskers" was one of those super dogs. Unfortunately, he was stolen. The second dog "Willy", who is now 5 years old, has brought me many great moments. I will attest not only to the outstanding characteristics of the breed but also for the high quality of Treborwolf kennels and the professionalism extended to its customers." S.M., MCCALL, ID.

CEBRIA VOM TREBORWOLF "In 40 years of hunting upland game, I've owned 5 different breeds of bird dogs. I've loved them all, and each has given me some of my greatest memories. CJ is my third dog from Bob West. I've owned and hunted with Drahthaars from other kennels, but they do not compare with the Treborwolf strain." G.B., BOISE,  ID.

IVAN VOM TREBORWOLF "Fritz practically trained himself. Smartest dog I've ever seen. When he retires I'll be back for another."  F.P., PRESTON, ID.

FERRARI VOM TREBORWOLF "Buck only hunted 9 times in his first year. He pointed & retrieved 19 birds. He is very sociable" E.S., EAGLE,  ID.

OTTO, MAX, ANDREA, & QUANTUM VOM TREBORWOLF "Excellent dogs, all, good friends and hunters."  D.S., BOISE, ID.

GERTIE VOM TREBORWOLF "Gertie is my third dog from Treborwolf kennels. They have all been good dogs, but I think this one might be the best. I can attest to my friend's dogs and the quality of his kennel."  J.L., BOISE, ID.

QUASAS VOM TREBORWOLF "This is the third dog from Treborwolf kennel, and all three have been great; Casey is a retrieving fool." 

TRADER VOM TREBORWOLF "Here on the ranch, we have owned over 28 dogs over the past 30 years. Trader is the most intelligent of all."  B.H., Rexburg.

AXEL VOM TREBORWOLF "I can't believe that a 6-month-old pup found the lost fallen elk after just a half an hour search. Especially, since it had been almost two days after searching without him, in a cold rainstorm." B.B., Boise.

GUNNAR VOM TREBORWOLF "I have never seen such a young dog that could point, track, and retrieve at such a young age. he is as steady as a rock and easy to handle." J.F., Boise.

ANDREA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is a wonderful housedog and loves the snow. I have known Bob for many years and can attest to his high standard of dog breeding"  D.S., Boise.

QUANTAS VOM TREBORWOLF "At seven months old he hunted with two seasoned pointers. He hunted better than either of these dogs" 
W.R., Pocatello.

BAREE VOM TREBORWOLF "If there is any other breed of dog that is as terrific in the field and as good around people & children, as the Treborwolf dogs, I haven't found them yet" C.V., Moore.

AQUA VOM TREBORWOLF "After owning five different hunting dogs, I would not want any other breed for the all around hunting. This is my second dog from Treborwolf kennels. J.T., Pocatello.

ORSHA VOM TREBORWOLF "Your breeding is exceptional. I could not ask for a better hunting dog or family pet. she is a real pleasure to live with, because of her exceptional temperament. She started hunting chukars and ducks at 4 months of age. You have given me a dog that will be remembered forever.

KIM VOM TREBORWOLF "She is a fantastic pheasant dog, totally tractable and a wonderful pet. Bob runs a first class kennel. We highly recommend this kennel and Bob West to anyone who may be seeking their next hunting dog" J.E. Boise    


LC VOM TREBORWOLF " I have owned three of Bob's dogs, and all have been great. at 12 years of age, LC is still giving a hard performance. These dogs hunt till they are bloody, and still have the energy to keep going". J.C., Chicago.

BISMARCK VOM TREBORWOLF "Not only is this breed of dog an excellent hunter, companion, and watchdog. My dog is a companion to my handicapped child. I would definitely recommend Treborwolf kennel dogs to anyone." A.D., Whitehall.

CAPTAIN VOM TREBORWOLF "Trigger is the best thing to come into my life, that is next to my wife. Well, maybe the dog was better. HA! HA!  R.R., Round Lake Beach.

ROXY VOM TREBORWOLF "At 3 months of age, Roxy pointed and retrieved birds. She is better known as "WonderDog". She has an unbelievable nose and hunts for the master. She can handle a wide variety of game, equally well. She has an entertaining personality and is a great housepet". A.V., Northbrook

GRACIOUS VOM TREBORWOLF "Queen is a fabulous dog; good hunter, exceptional friend, and companion. Our friends tell us she is the best dog that they have ever seen" B.H., Bartlett.IL.


BARON VOM TREBORWOLF "On several occasions, Schotz would go on point while carrying a retrieved bird; never dropping a bird in mouth. I love the way he would slink like a panther."  C.S., CHESTERTON,  IN.

LAHR VOM TREBORWOLF "gun is by far the best dog that I have ever been around. G.T., Cloverdale.

BARON VOM TREBORWOLF "On several occasions, Schotz would go on point while carrying a retrieved bird; never dropping a bird from his mouth. I love the way he slinks like a panther." B.S., Chesterton.


FABEK VOM TREBORWOLF "This was my first hunting dog. I did a lot of research and this led me to Treborwolf Kennels. After contacting several people on this reference list, I became more confident in Bob West's particular strain of Drahthaars. Ten of his customers, without exception, spoke to the excellence in quality, performance, and disposition of their individual dog. Many of these people had purchased their dog sight unseen; I found this very reassuring. I was informed from the very beginning that i might expect a waiting period of about 6 months. After a wait of 7 months, I received a call from Mr.West, notifying me that he had a pup ready that met my specifications. I could not then or now been more pleased with his selection He is a great dog, and I am looking forward to the day that I order my next dog from Bob West. I paid Mr.West an unannounced visit and was impressed by hospitable I was treated. his kennel is first class and spotless. It certainly is not a "puppy mill" and the handsome breeding stock are all so friendly! T.C. Omaha.


LACI VOM TREBORWOLF "She is a self-taught hunting dog. She would hunt til she dropped if I let her. I have shot several hundred quail & pheasants over her. She is a great bird dog and housepet. E.R. Hoyt.KS.

ICBA VOM TREBORWOLF "Nikki arrived in excellent health and mental condition. She is everything that you promised & more. Great jog!"   J.M., OVERLAND PARK, KS.

FANTASY VOM TREBORWOLF "Ellie pointed pheasants & quail at age of 8 months, which were missed by older & more experienced Brittany and Labrador."  B.M., WICHITA, KS.

GUNTHAR VOM TREBORWOLF "Max had over 100 pheasants, 50 quail, and 5 ducks shot over him before he was 9 months old." T.R., Wichita.

DUKE VOM TREBORWOLF "In my 60 years with reputed high-quality hunting breeds and experience with training, I can safely say that the Drahthaar can outperform any breed at anything. Duke has more intelligence, common sense, natural ability, and intense desire to hunt and please than any dog I've ever seen. He is an excellent "Meat Dog" on upland and waterfowl. A par excellent retriever. a dog that a man can enjoy the year around." W.M., Emporia.

JACO VOM TREBORWOLF "This dog in his second season is superior to any that I have owned. The tally was 108 Bobwhites and 26 pheasants. I have watched quail run between his legs, and he never broke point. He has one fault; he hunts too hard. he wears the hair off his front legs, face, and ears. His tail is bloody and his beard worn off when he leaves the field. "G.L., Goodland.

ESA VOM TREBORWOLF "My hunting buddy made fun of my $500 ugly dog. While he was hunting for his Brittany, my Drahthaar was finding and putting the birds in the bag" B.R., Arkansas City.

GELSA VOM TREBORWOLF "At 10 weeks she was pointing and swimming 30 ft. retrieving dummies. Has a strong interest in game and desire to hunt, second to none. She has excellent health; I am a very satisfied customer! M.A. Liberal, KS.


GRETCHEN VOM TREBORWOLF "She is everything that you promised and more. Great hunter, pointer, retriever, and family dog. Other Drahthaars in our area that i have seen are much larger and cannot hold up to her in the field." D.R., Catlettsburg.

DUKE VOM TREBORWOLF "He is a great family dog and is doing well on grouse and quail. I am very pleased and intend on ordering a female next.  D.C., Minnie.

SHENA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is the kind of dog that I ordered. She responded to training, is friendly, shows good desire, works to the gun, and loves the water. R.B., Lexington.


WOJA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is easy to train, and instinctually knows how to track and tree. she is my wife's constant and obedient companion.  V.L., Baton Rouge.


GRETCHEN and BERTINA VOM TREBORWOLF "I own two Treborwolf dogs, and use them in my professional guide service. We hunt ruffed grouse, woodcock, and waterfowl. In my opinion, they are the best dogs available in desire, ability to hunt, companionship, stamina, and personality. The first time I limited out on both woodcock and grouse, with each bird being pointed. Each dog was only 4 months old. The Treborwolf strain shows me an amazing desire to hunt and please." M.W., Oquossoc.

ALLEGRO VOM TREBORWOLF "Max was housebroken in only 3 days. At 8 months old, he worked effectively on grouse, woodcock, quail, and pheasant. I would recommend your kennel to anyone seeking a quality hunting dog, and I will purchase another dog from you in the future. thanks for the great addition to our family. R.S., Wells.


ERSTAD VOM TREBORWOLF "Jake is an outstanding hunter; he has hunted pheasants, quail, chukars, ducks, woodcock, grouse and done a fine job with each. He never loses a wounded bird. He is a great companion; he plays games with the kids, he is highly intelligent and very obedient. He keeps watch over his home & family."  K.H., LANSING, MI.

STOLA VOM TREBORWOLF "Tessa possesses remarkable intensity when on point and when hunting ducks. She has that never give up attitude."  M.G., Berrien Springs.

ELAQUAR VOM TREBORWOLF  "Felix is the smartest dog that I have ever had. He is very energetic and has a sweet personality. He has a strong desire to please and began swimming at 8 weeks of age. J.D., Lincoln Park.

GREATOR VOM TREBORWOLF "Axel is a wonderful hunter and a lovable housepet" R.T., Davison.


GALIKA VOM TREBORWOLF "Stasi has an excellent nose; staunch on point; strong retriever; persistence at finding fallen game; stays within range. We spent a great amount of time researching kennels before settling on Treborwolf. The genetic discipline displayed in your program is evidenced by Stasi."   L.S., WOODBURY, MN.

BEAUTY VOM TREBORWOLF "Beauty sees ducks before I do, and she swims like a fish. She is great on pheasants, grouse, and woodcock." 

CUJO VOM TREBORWOLF "this dog shows more natural ability than any dog that I have ever seen. He retrieves from ice cold water and uses his nose well" G.F., Melrose.

KAHIL VOM TREBORWOLF "Max has shown extreme desire to hunt since the age of 5 months. He wears the hair off his legs and chest until they bleed. He is a great housedog" M.H., Babbitt.

WORLA VOM TREBORWOLF "Baylee has lots of heart and is a great friend" D.M., Maple Grove.


DEASAS VOM TREBORWOLF "She is everything that Mr.West said she would be. she started hunting at 6 months of age and pointed and held 3 coveys of quail. Her only fault is that she won't quit hunting when its time to go home." B.C., Oak Grove.

IAKOV VOM TREBORWOLF "Max qualified for the first two legs of Junior Hunter title and was the highest scoring out of the 22 that were entered. He has a wonderful personality and never shone any aggressive traits toward people. He is intelligent, obedient and a well-mannered housedog. However, he becomes an incredibly fast and graceful hunting machine when he enters the hunting arena." R.C., St.Peters, MO.

RASCAL VOM TREBORWOLF "I had to wait 9 months to receive my pup and took a great deal of teasing from the members of our local "Duck Club" about my future "Wonder Dog", but the wait was worth it. He began retrieving from the water at 2 months of age and was trained to the gun by 3 months. He was retrieving ducks at 4 months and gained the respect of all the members of our duck club. I just mailed my check to Mr.West for my second dog! B.D. Lee's Summit. MO.  



SHADOW VOM TREBORWOLF "Shadow will point quail & Woodcock, tree squirrels, track deer, & run rabbits, and does a good job on grouse. She has chased a bobcat & a coyote off the property. She has great enthusiasm and is a grand companion. Just too many wonderful things to put in writing."   J.M.,  OXFORD, MS.


FUSCHA VOM TREBORWOLF "Heidi has a working vocabulary of over 30 words; she is extremely intelligent and personality plus" J.A., Victor.

NERVA VOM TREBORWOLF "Katie is a very active pup. She loves the water, and retrieves, whoas, sits and stays." O.D., Missoula.

YERLA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is truly great; she bridges the gap between man and beast" J.N., Bozeman.


DUTCH & HONCHO VOM TREBORWOLF "I've owned two wonderful dogs from Treborwolf kennels. Dutch my first one is 10 years old and a dynamite dog. Honcho is one year old, and his way to becoming like his mentor. I can attest to Bob West and his strain."  D.K., CRAWFORD, NE.

BRITT VOM TREBORWOLF II "Britt was 4 months old when she began pointing birds: 6 months old when she grabbed on to a crippled goose which lit 1/2 mile from the pit. The goose sent her airborne as they circled, but she never let go. Another time she pointed in a field, my lost duck call which I had dropped earlier that chilling - 26-degree day!"  D.Banwell, LINCOLN, NE.

MAX VOM TREBORWOLF "I am absolutely pleased. I never owned a breed of dog that hunts close, minds as well, points as staunchly, and retrieves from land and water (ice, too!)" D.V., Aurora.

DARCY VOM TREBORWOLF "She is a wonderful balance of friendliness and aggressiveness. She loves children. She swam the first time she saw water. She has a range of 20 to 40. She has confidence and desire; she isn't gunshy and is an alert watchdog. Our vet surmised that Darcy must have good bloodlines, excellent care, and early human contact" J.M., Omaha.

MEDERA VOM TREBORWOLF "Shelby was only 9 weeks old when I showed her a wounded pheasant; she immediately went on point. At 15 weeks she tackled a wounded goose a dragged it 80 yards back to me. My dog has just about trained herself using the Treborwolf Training Manual. I wish he had made a manual for training kids and wives". K.C., Indianola.

JACA VOM TREBORWOLF "My new dog is working well. She is retrieving perfectly. She has a good coat, nose, and desire to hunt. you impressed me with your integrity when you replaced the first dog that died." Paul Simonton, Ansley.


NORDICA VOM TREBORWOLF "Katie is a strong retriever and will stay on point all day."  W.D., CARLIN, NV.

HECTOR VOM TREBORWOLF "Twice I had to remove Salty from coyote traps; he was so gentle that he never growled nor made any aggressive inclinations towards me during this painful ordeal."  R.S., BATTLE MTN., NV.

MISA VOM TREBORWOLF "At 6 months of age, Misa understood all voice and hand commands, pointed and retrieved. Smartest dog we ever had. Does well in rough terrain and heat." L. D., Las Vegas.

ADOLPH VOM TREBORWOLF "As a pup, he pointed about 10 bunches of chukars. He is a natural solid pointer, excellent tracker, and good retriever. I think that Chukars are one of the hardest birds to train a dog on. This year they were really wild. He must be good. He should be the best dog in our area next season". G.G., Battle Mountain.

LANESSA VOM TREBORWOLF "Sophie is our second dog from Treborwolf Kennels. Our first dog "Greta" was a local legend. Sophie is 6 months and shows terrific promise. R.M., Elko.

LACY VOM TREBORWOLF "Even though we had to wait for 10 months, she has turned out to be worth every minute of the wait. She is 7 months old and goes chukar hunting every weekend. she retrieves like she was born to it. when she gets home she loves to romp with the grandchildren. She is everybody in the neighborhood's best friend" R.L. Blue Diamond


DUNJA VOM TREBORWOLF "As a former regional forester in Germany, I owned several Deutsch Drahthaars. Dunja from your kennels is the best of all."  J.K., Albuquerque.


SAM VOM TREBORWOLF "Sam is extremely intelligent"  W.T.,  FLANDERS, NJ.

BRANKA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is an excellent field dog; she finds, points, and retrieves. She's the smartest dog that we have ever owned."  M.M., Kenilworth.

RASCAL VOM TREBORWOLF "At nine months old I entered him in a local gun club trial. Rascal took it all. One of the judges commented that this was the best retrieving dog that he had seen in 25 years". H.D., Smithville.

BILJA VOM TREBORWOLF "Schatzie is my first hunting dog. I could never have imagined the range of versatility. 78 pheasants pointed, and 60 retrieves the first eight weeks out". O.A., Basking Ridge.


CHATA VOM TREBORWOLF "Tina is an incredibly affectionate & loving animal"  J.P., TILLSON, NY.

TESSA VOM TREBORWOLF "Tess hunts 5 to 6 hours per day, 5 days per week at our hunting preserve with no loss in spirit or drive She also works well in the water. She has around 1200 birds shot over her per season. "C.G., Watermill.

PADOUR VOM TREBORWOLF "In his first year, Max pointed and retrieved 50 -60 birds, and never once failed to retrieve a crippled bird".  J.M., College Point.

GINGER VOM TREBORWOLF "In her first season, she is out hunting dogs that are two and three years old. She is an incredible hunting and retrieving dog, and gets better each time out" B.F., Holbrook.

ERIC VOM TREBORWOLF "He is an affectionate family dog. He has a fine nose and hunts within a comfortable range, always checking in. He is easy to handle, and with a little more work, he will become one of the best dogs in our area". C.W., Verona.     


COVEY VOM TREBORWOLF "Covey is almost perfect" J.R., Winston Salem.


RAUTAR VOM TREBORWOLF "Kaiser is beautiful; well mannered and even-tempered. He is very athletic. He loves kids and other people. He has an exceptional nose. He loves to hunt the heavy brush. He is always healthy. He started pointing at 4 months of age. He is a virtual vacuum cleaner, and should have been more appropriately named KIRBY".  R.S., Beulah.

BASCHKA VOM TREBORWOLF "Julie has it all. Everything I wanted in a hunting dog, family pet, and housedog" D.S., Williston.


ELSA VOM TREBORWOLF " when I talked to you about buying a pup, you said not to expect too much out of her until this fall. well, you couldn't have been more wrong. She has already staunchly pointed quail, pheasant, and grouse. She is also retrieving well and has terrific stamina." F.P., Canton.

BART VOM TREBORWOLF "He is a rugged dog, able to withstand the worst weather. Last year he really got into the birds. He has brought me great enjoyment". R.H., Cincinnati.

COLOSAL & QUAX VOM TREBORWOLF " I have purchased two dogs from Treborwolf Kennels. Both are outstanding. Fred, the one-year-old dog, is as good a friend as he is a hunter. I have hunted him since he was six months of age, and he has yet to lose a crippled bird. His perseverance is amazing. At 11 months old he began to honor other dogs. He is the best pup that I have seen in a long time. Quax points and retrieves like a pro on both upland and waterfowl. I could not ask for a friendlier or better housedog. I am glad I waited to buy my dogs from Treborwolf Kennels.". R.A., Dayton.   


SOPHIE VOM TREBORWOLF "With very little training, she has become an excellent hunter."  L.S., PENDLETON, OR.

P.DING VOM TREBORWOLF "Ding is a fabulous dog."  W.N., SALEM, OR.


BITSA VOM TREBORWOLF "Bitz was housebroken in 3 days! She is devoted & loyal to the family. She is loving to children ( tolerates much abuse ). She can be a fierce watchdog around the house. However, she accepts strangers warmly, once they become familiar to her. She works in close range when hunting. She thrives on attention & praise."  J.M., JOHNSTOWN, PA.

ELIDOR VOM TREBORWOLF "He began hunting pheasants at 8 months. At 11 months, Gus handled ruffed grouse well and holds to flush on stationary birds. He retrieves well and loves the snow. He is at his best in cold weather". S.Y., Murphysville.


O'SCHULTZ VOM TREBORWOLF "Shultz is the best investment I've ever made."  L.C., CRANSTON, RI.

NAKOV VOM TREBORWOLF "Thanks for the wonderful pup. He points a wing. He is super smart. He is tough as hell. Ballsy is a good word to describe him. His coat dries off in about 10 minutes. thanks for making our holiday fantastic." L.C., Cranston.


HANOVER VOM TREBORWOLF "We are proud owners of three dogs from Treborwolf Kennels. Great dogs! Superb hunters and eager to please. I have killed quail over these pups at 4 months of age"  W.D., WALHALLA, SC.


DISCA VOM TREBORWOLF "Disca is a natural hunter. She listens to commands, isn't gunshy, points well, and stays in range." W.G., Sioux Falls.


ESSLA VOM TREBORWOLF "Essla is a un-fatigue-able hunting machine! Ontrip to Iowa, she found & held twice the number of birds than all three experienced retrievers combined. This was her third time on pheasants. She is a great house dog and loves my wife and two daughters. I personally have known six other of his dogs and every owner has a good word about Bob West and their dogs."  W.N., KNOXVILLE.

HOGAN VOM TREBORWOLF "He is a delightful dog, eager to please, a strong pointer and a good retriever." M.S., CLINTON, TN.


MALEEK VOM TREBORWOLF "This 8-month-old girl is calmer & out hunts all the professionally trained adult shorthairs we've hunted with the first year.". R.S., TEMPLE, TX.

GROFF VOM TREBORWOLF "Couldn't ask for a better dog. Hunts like hell! Even retrieved a crippled turkey." T.E., AMARILLO, TX.

FRITZ VOM TREBORWOLF "He is pointing, retrieving, and following a drag beyond my expectations." G.J., MIDKIFF, TX.

NORDAC VOM TREBORWOLF "He is one of the most intelligent dogs that I have seen in a long time. He set his first covey of quail at 6 months.I am very satisfied with him." J.N., MINERAL WELLS, TX.

EBNAR VOM TREBORWOLF "He is everything that I could have wished for in a versatile dog. Points quail, retrieves doves and geese. Also can track and catch wild hogs. Loves to hunt! He is also a super companion and family dog." T.W., CORPUS CHRISTIE, TX.


SAGE VOM TREBORWOLF "I personally visited Treborwolf Kennel and can attest to the professionalism of the operation. My dog is a good pointer, a good tracker, excellent water dog, and retriever. She is very obedient and has a great desire to please."  R.G., OREM, UT.

ULAS VOM TREBORWOLF "He has an excellent personality. He won "BEST OF BREED", at several dog shows. He was a winner over 5 other champions.", V.G., AMERICAN FORK, UT.

PAL VOM TREBORWOLF "He is hardworking, intense on upland birds, bold and enthusiastic retriever. He is highly trainable and hunts to the gun".  J.W., SLC, UT.

BOSHA and BARTAL VOM TREBORWOLF "Both are awesome. Easy to train, unbelievable personalities, fearless, loving, and affectionate. they are great hunting dogs and wonderful companions. We visited Bob West at the kennel, and can attest for his professionalism". R.M., Clearfield, UT.

HANSEL VOM TREBORWOLF "He started retrieving the first hour after picking him up at the airport. He was house trained in three days. At four months, he was pointing pheasants. S.C., Logan, UT.

HOLSUM VOM TREBORWOLF "Sam has proved to be a really good dog for our whole family. His instincts, talents, and temperament have made him an intricate part of our family and an indispensable hunting partner. He is a gentle, cooperative dog whose intelligence and clowning nature make him an immediate favorite everywhere we go. He earned 110 pts. in NAVHDA. His style on point is the envy of other dog owners. K.H. Orem, UT.


DARA VOM TREBORWOLF "She hunts every waking minute."  S.F., SPRINGFIELD, VT.


HERTHA VOM TREBORWOLF "She is a champion dog and hunting companion."  R.K., MOSES LAKE, WA.

YEAGER VOM TREBORWOLF "His pointing and retrieving are unreal. He outperforms Shorthairs and Labs. He is the envy of the hunt club. he is a lover at home; my wife and kids are nuts about him". R.A., Des Moines, Wa.

YANK VOM TREBORWOLF "This 6-month-old Treborwolf pup is the hottest gun dog that I have ever owned. He points, retrieves, loves water and hunts for me and not himself. It's 95% breeding and 5% training. I'll never consider buying anything other than a dog from Treborwolf Kennel." R.M., Roy, WA.

REBUS VOM TREBORWOLF "Griz has a good nature, uses the wind well, and makes beautiful points. F.B., Otis Orchards, WA.

BARRISTER VOM TREBORWOLF "Bear is an excellent hunter, companion, friend, & protector. Intelligent!! Does many tricks. Open & closes doors! Fetches newspapers. Soft mouth. Loves children! Got blue ribbon in obedience. He grins and makes us laugh. He understands many words & makes different sounds trying to communicate. This dog is almost human!" J.M., Kelso,WA.

GADIVA VOM TREBORWOLF "She scored a perfect NAVHDA 112 points! What else can I say.' D.B., Prosser, WA.

GRETA VOM TREBORWOLF "Choose a Drahthaar for a companion. She is intelligent, active, alert, enjoys people, and is a good guard dog."  P.W., Kelso., WA.

MOXIE VOM TREBORWOLF "I appreciate your commitment to breeding sound dogs. I have been impressed with Mr.West's knowledge, integrity, and the high standards of his kennel operation. His dogs are excellent hunters, of sound temperament, high intelligence, and great personality and beauty. Thank you for breeding the very best." J.B., Seattle. WA.


HERCULES VOM TREBORWOLF "I would like to know if I could return my dog? If so, would you please send me a million dollars. He is a fabulous dog"  W.N., PRINCETON, WI.

DANTRO VOM TREBORWOLF "Everyone that sees Gruff comments on his appearance. He is indeed striking. At home, he is a 55-pound lap dog who happens to be a fine guard dog. In the woods, he has constant activity, but stays close". P.M., Wausau, WI.

AVANTI VOM TREBORWOLF "At 10 months of age, in 10-degree weather, Ruger retrieved 9 ducks and 1 goose. The next day he made 3 perfect points in 6 inches of snow. He is everything that I dreamed of in a bird dog." C.M, Cottage Grove, WI.   


PUELA VOM TREBORWOLF "I've always been a hound man, and Gretchen is my first bird dog. My training mistakes would have ruined a dog with less natural abilities. My second pup seems to be even more talented than her. The dogs that I have purchased from Bob West have the best dispositions and I never have to fear that they would be aggressive towards anyone"  B.D., LEON, WV.


GRUZIO VOM TREBORWOLF " Gus was retrieving with no training at 7 months; he retrieved 2 geese from flow ice at this age. I sent him to a trainer, who sells English Setters, and he said he would be proud to hunt behind this dog at any time! He has more natural ability than any dog I've seen, and never quits, no matter how tired. He works with great intensity on all game and is a tough retriever on land & water."  B.A., GLENROCK, WY.

PRANDO & GEARKA VOM TREBORWOLF "We've purchased two dogs from Treborwolf kennels, and would love to attest the quality of their dogs. Kita made 18 flawless retrieves on her first goose hunt."  C.S., CASPER, WY.

DURADO VOM TREBORWOLF "Bo is a voracious hunter"  E.H., CHEYENNE, WY.

RAUR VOM TREBORWOLF "Jake is a Jackle & Hyde! He is a very docile housedog that turns into a very active aggressive hunter at the sight of a gun. Ideal dog!" R.M., Casper, WY.

BRADON VOM TREBORWOLF "He is a very athletic dog!" T.D. Worland, WY


German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels
German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels
German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels