In 1970 I began purchasing Drahthaar breeding stock from Germany. I acquired only the best Drahthaar lineages and they were considerably expensive. The offspring of these new wirehair imports were to be the foundation to my kennel. In every litter, there is a variance of genetic propensities. Some dogs just have more "stuff". At first, I kept whole litters back, for up to one year, in order to ascertain which pups I wanted to keep. It soon became apparent that I needed an "early" system of evaluation, to determine which pups were the best. I devised a system which was based on measuring the inherited characteristics, rather than upon the "learned" behavior. Inherited traits are divided into "Physical" traits and "Performance" traits. When puppies were tested under the age of eight weeks, the results are a reflection their genetic potential. After this age the capacity to learn increases rapidly. As the pup matures, learning masks the instinct, and it becomes virtually impossible to distinguish what the pup has learned from what is his natural instinct. More specifically, I learned that certain traits surface at precise periods, and the potency of a specific trait is a measure of that pup's inherited genetic potential.


At our facility, pups are evaluated on a daily basis, from the fourth to the eighth week. About 30 parameters are objectively measured. Each inherited trait is given an emphasis factor. For instance, I believe that American gundogs should be bred with a stronger "pointing" instinct, than a "tracking" instinct. Therefore, the "pointing" instinct is given more emphasis in our breeding program. The results are recorded in our database and the progress is mapped over the period the dogs are tested. The data is recorded and each parameter of testing is assigned a weighting factor. All this information is compiled, and a Conformation and Performance index is given to each pup. This rating is used to establish the price of each dog. There are four categories or levels of 8-week old puppies. These are STANDARD, PERFORMANCE, SUPREME, and ELITE. In addition, there are also STARTED and TRAINED categories.


Runts are pups which are behind in the growth cycle. Usually, it is caused by a lack of nourishment during the first few weeks following birth. Occasionally, it can be due to an infection or a genetic problem. Only healthy runts are allowed to live. Sick pups are euphonized. Therefore, it is very rare that we have such a pup available. 

Our Standard bred pup is comparable to the best pups from other kennels. These pups are confident and normally are retrieving a dummy by the eighth week of age. Some are flash pointing. A good choice if you are an occasional hunter or on a fixed income. I refer to this level as the old mans' dog. Usually only a few available. 

The Performance bred pup is an exceptional pup. They are bold natured, displaying strong retrieving and pointing instincts at 8 wks of age. We recommend this dog as the minimal level if you are an active hunter, or if you wish to compete your dog. 

The Supreme bred pup is just short of perfect performance. Only about 15 are produced per 100 pups. These pups, begin retrieving at 5 weeks of age and pointing at 7 weeks of age. They possess a well-balanced disposition and superior natural ability. They are extremely easy to train. This is the minimal level accepted for breeding! 

The Elite bred pup is a true rarity. Only about 5 are produced per 100 pups. They are the epitome of a hunting dog. They are active, bold, and co-operative. They are maximally inclined in agility, intensity, and determination. They begin intense pointing, and retrieving, at the age of 5 weeks. This category is the choice for the serious hunter or dog breeder! 

Started dogs are older elite pups which are worked on a daily basis. The dogs are taught to search, point and retrieve live birds. Most are shot over. Their price is commensurate with the age of the pup, and the amount of training.

These dogs are of the elite level only. They are sent to their new owners, at four months of age. They will have been worked on planted birds and schooled on pointing and retrieving. Each pup will have been shot over and acclimated to a light level shotgun (20 gauge). These dogs are primarily for the hunter who is too busy to start his own pup, or feels that he is inadequate at doing a good job. Some of our professional business people, just don't have the time to devote to doing this job correctly.

Trained dogs are usually over one year of age, and can be up to five years of age. Each dog varies in natural ability, level of training and practical experience. Most of these dogs were the elite level pup. It is prudent that the prospective buyer selects his dog in person. The owner is required to travel to our facility, and select the proper dog, based upon the individual contact between the dog and the new owner. There is usually a handful of such dogs available. 

Occasionally, if a buyer is interested in starting his own kennel, we will offer one of our personal broodstock.






Bitches are bred primarily during the spring and fall. However, pups usually are available year round and are sold on a first come first served basis. For the last ten years, every pup at our kennel has been pre-sold. We never have pups on the ground, which are not spoken for. 

This is a great feature for business but requires some patience on the part of our awaiting customer. The normal waiting period, on prepaid orders, varies from 2 months to 1 year, depending upon the specifications of the order. Parties who must wait one year or longer will have their order upgraded one level at no additional cost. This means that a person ordering a "Performance" level pup, will receive a "Supreme" level if the order should exceed a waiting time of one year or greater. All monies received are earnest money and are non-refundable. We have a non-cancellation policy. Much time and effort are expended to make certain that you will receive the very best hunting dog that money can buy. As a rule, the most expensive pups, have the shortest waiting period. It is advisable to mail your payment-in-full because it is locked into the database by this date of deposit. Orders which are made using the minimal deposit, have a separate list, which becomes activated, only after we have filled those parties on the paid-in-full list. A minimal $250.00 deposit is required on puppies, and the balance must be paid two weeks prior to shipment. One half of the total purchase price is required for the deposit on the started and trained dogs. The preferred method of payment is with a certified check or money order. 

Visa and Mastercard can be used via PayPal. Personal checks can be used for orders which allow ample time to clear.

There are approximately 50,000 hunting dogs sold, in America, each year. Our kennel produces only a small fragment of this total number. Our average production is around 50 pups per year. Our kennel is not in any affiliation with any other kennel, and we work on our own. We will not express an opinion on any outside kennel, nor their dogs. In such a huge marketplace, we do not feel that we are in competition with other kennels. It almost seems unimaginable, but in this massive market, someone will purchase each and every dog. Unfortunately, some buyers will receive good ones, others bad. If you want to be the proud owner of one of our dogs, envied by other hunters, then we suggest that you reply. 

A 150-page manual on the Drahthaar is available for those individuals who purchase a wirehair from Treborwolf Kennel. I know of no other kennel which offers such a manual. It contains material on the history and development of the Deutsch Drahthaar, a description of breed standards, names of organizations, books, and articles concerning Drahthaars, and recommended methods for the training and care of a versatile dog. The cost is $20.00 to cover the cost of handling and postage.


German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels

German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels
German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels
German Wirehaired Drahthaar Vom Treborwolf Kennels