When a kennel has been around as long as TREBORWOLF has, since 1968, one gains a certain respect and confidence for the organization's guarantee. Anyone can promise you anything, but how assured are you that their operation will be in existence in a few years. At TREBORWOLF, we take the business of breeding dogs, very seriously. Unlike so many other Drahthaar dog breeders, ours is not a hobby! We are not the owner of a single bitch! This is not our first wirehair or hunting dog!


We have a definite obligation toward our customers. It is very important to us, that you will be happy. We are very proud of our dogs, and also our long standing good reputation. We keep detailed data on each of our dogs, and their owners. Each customer is asked to fill out a survey, furnishing us with his evaluation of his dog, in an honest opinion. In this way, via regular feedback from our customers, we are able to determine if our breeding program is living up to it's potential. In over 37 years, there we have received only 12 complaints about genetic problems. In this same time period, we gladly replaced 15 other dogs for various reasons. We give a one year 100% replacement warranty. This warranty is good for any reason. Even if it is a personality problem! One customer returned a dog because she was too hard of a hunter. Each customer is required to X-ray his dog's hips at the age of 2 years. It is also important that the owner, or his veterinarian, keep an accurate account of all medical records. We insist on regular veterinarian visits. The dog should be examined for parasites, and treated anaphylactically. The vet should regularly check out all his vital signs. A good diet is essential, and we recommend that you feed according to a prescribed diet.


To alleviate any potential personality problems, we supply each customer with a free 50 page booklet, on how to start a pup. A dog that becomes vicious, may have been averted by using preventative measures. There is nothing more aggravating than to see a fine dog develop wrongly. If your dog has developed a quirk in his disposition, we encourage that he be returned immediately.


We encourage all our customers to neuter their dogs, unless breeding was an objective from the very beginning. Neutered males make absolutely the finest of hunters. It is recommended, that this be done at an early age. As an adult, he will not have learned sexual and territorial habits. He will get along with other dogs, an will not have an aptitude for procuring females.


Likewise, spayed females do not have heat cycles, and can be hunted any time of the year. Nothing is more annoying than to have a male chase a female in season, while on a hunt.


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